Kristian Ross

Danish musician, composer and sound artist

Located in Reykjavik, Iceland


CCP Games


QuadCom Interactive




Phone: +354 7744401

PhD - 2016

Adaptive music in interactive media

University of Aalborg

PhD Thesis:                 A Musical Wormhole - between the infinite Universe

                                  and the limits of the computer game media -

                                  implementing adaptive "vertically dominated music" in

                                  computer games

Master - 2011

Audio design, musicology and music composition

Universities of Aalborg and Århus

Iceland Academy of the Arts

Master Thesis:             A Musical Wormhole - investigating adaptive

                                  soundmass music in computer games

Research Project:         Lapslapper - development of midi controller for tactile

                                  drum scoring

Research Project:         Rec - investigating musical subtlety in horror fiction

Master Courses - 2010

Contemporary music composition

Iceland Academy of the Arts

Diploma - 2010

Audio Designer


Bachelor - 2009


University of Aalborg

Bachelor Thesis:          Symmetry? - a comparison of the production styles of

                                  Flemming Rasmussen and Rich Costey on 6 songs by

                                  the Danish rock band Mew